About Founder

Mrs. Vidya Gupta

Mrs. Vidya Gupta, a luminary in the world of matrimonial matchmaking, with a remarkable journey spanning over 25 illustrious years. Mrs. Gupta embarked on her odyssey in 1999, venturing into the realm of personal matchmaking with a passion that would define her career.

From the outset, Mrs. Vidya Gupta exhibited a rare blend of talent, dedication, and empathy, earning her a reputation as a trusted confidante and matchmaker par excellence. With each passing year, she honed her skills and expanded her knowledge, navigating the intricate nuances of the matchmaking landscape with finesse and grace.

Over the course of her journey, Mrs. Vidya Gupta has been privileged to serve a diverse clientele, from esteemed business moguls to influential families, bringing joy and fulfillment to countless lives. Her commitment to excellence and unwavering focus on client satisfaction have earned her the trust and admiration of all who have had the privilege of crossing paths with her.

As she reflects on her 25-year journey, Mrs. Vidya Gupta remains deeply grateful for the opportunity to play a meaningful role in the lives of others. For her, matchmaking is not merely a profession but a calling—a chance to make a positive impact and facilitate lasting connections that transcend time and distance.

With her wealth of experience, boundless enthusiasm, and unyielding dedication, Mrs. Vidya Gupta continues to illuminate the path to love and happiness for her clients, proving that true fulfillment lies in bringing hearts together and creating lifelong bonds that stand the test of time.

Mrs Vidya Gupta - Director