Our Team

Mrs. Ratna Shrivastava

(The Heartbeat of Elite Marriage Bureau)

Mrs. Ratna isn't just a leader; she's the heartbeat of Elite Marriage Bureau. With vast experience in the matrimonial industry, her journey began with a vision to redefine matchmaking. Mrs. Ratna's expertise isn't just about pairing profiles; it's about understanding the essence of love and human connection. Her leadership style is defined by compassion, wisdom, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Mrs. Ratna's approach is holistic; she believes in going beyond the surface to uncover the deeper desires and aspirations of each client, ensuring that every match is not just compatible but truly meaningful.

Mrs. Archana Verma 

(The Empathetic Guide)

Mrs. Archana brings a unique blend of empathy and insight to Elite Marriage Bureau. With a background in psychology and counseling, she understands the intricacies of human behavior like no other. Mrs. Archana's leadership is characterized by her ability to connect on a deeper level with clients, guiding them through the journey of finding love with compassion and understanding. Her approach is rooted in empathy, empowering clients to explore their emotions and desires freely. Mrs. Archna's commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention and support throughout their matchmaking experience.

3. Mrs. Preeti Chopra :

(The Client-Centric Dynamo)

Mrs. Preeti is the client-centric dynamo at Elite Marriage Bureau. With years of experience in client relations and service delivery, she understands the importance of building trust and fostering meaningful relationships. Mrs. Preeti's leadership is marked by her unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every client feels heard, valued, and supported throughout their matchmaking journey. Mrs. Preeti's passion for service excellence is infectious, inspiring the entire team to strive for greatness in everything they do.

Mr. Chander Sehgal

(The Visionary Strategist)

Mr. Chander is the visionary strategist behind Elite Marriage Bureau's success. With a career spanning decades in strategic planning and business development, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Mr. Shegal's leadership is defined by his forward-thinking approach and ability to anticipate industry trends. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional matchmaking, exploring new avenues for growth and innovation. Mr. Shegal's vision is clear: to position Elite Marriage Bureau as the premier destination for those seeking true love and companionship, both locally and globally.

 Mr. Ravneet Singh

(The Operational Dynamo)

Mr. Ravneet is the operational dynamo driving Elite Marriage Bureau's day-to-day operations. With a background in operations management and process optimization, he ensures that every aspect of the business runs smoothly and efficiently. Mr. Ravneet's leadership is characterized by his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. He believes in the power of continuous improvement, constantly seeking ways to enhance the client experience and streamline internal processes. Mr. Ravneet's dedication to operational excellence is evident in every interaction with Elite Marriage Bureau.